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In the heart of Valmalenco, in the province of Sondrio, stands a company has extracted a mineral of great value from the depths of the rock for over half a century. A mineral which gives color and quality to both external and internal environments.

The company, Marmi Mauri, manages its own marble quarries extracting this valuable material: serpentine, which is present in two different colourations: victory green serpentine and sea green serpentine. A precious, versatile marble, that can satisfy various needs and has numerous applications in the civil and industrial fields. For example, it is perfect for the interior furnishings like wall tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and wood-burning stoves covered in stone (so they can keep the heat for hours). It is ideal for creating outdoor furniture and urban construction and it also lends itself to realisations of funerary art and precious artifacts, tombstones, plaques and much more. The Lanzada company directly manages the production process that goes from the marble extraction to production of coatings, objects, industrial floors, granite interiors, items for heating and for the kitchen.

To get a closer look at our productions, visit our headquarters in via Bernina 1270 in Lanzada.


Sea green serpentine

Victory green serpentine

Victory green serpentine is extracted from two different marble quarries owned by our company: the first is located in Frascia, in Dossi, the second is in Valbrutta. We produce and take care of the sale of quality Lombardy marble, characterised by thermal resistance, absorption capacity and slow release of heat.​

Sea green serpentine is extracted directly from our marble quarries in Lanzada, in the Le Prese region. Our company processes the raw material, creating serpentine coatings that are sanded, raised, brushed, bush-hammered, polished and antiqued.​


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