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Since starting in the early nineties, Marmi Mauri has accrued specific expertise in the extraction and processing of fine serpentine marble that is typical of the Valmalenco area.

The company takes care of every step of the production process, devoting the utmost attention to the quality of the final product and carrying out all the processes necessary to make the raw material functional in whatever it comes to be used for and to make objects and articles for the home and the kitchen.

Our remit includes the two main varieties of serpentine found in the area: sea green serpentine and victory green serpentine.


Get to know serpentine

Origin and location​

By serpentine, we mean polymorphous modifications of the compound Mg3 (Si2O5) (OH) 4 monocline, characterised by typical varied colouration, with greenish predominance and pearly or resinous lustre. Serpentine is a hydrated phyllosilicate with a trioctahedral structure that crystallises in the monocline and rhombic systems of the trimethric group. The most common serpentines are lizardite (planar arrangement of the layers), chrysotile (cylindrical arrangement of the layers) and antigorite (planar morphology for pseudogemination).​

Serpentine is the product of transformation of pyroxene and / or olivine by serpentinisation of peridotite and is the fundamental constituent of serpentinite. It is observed in the denudation zones in the sub-oceanic mantle and in the orogenic zones where it generally surfaces in ophiolites. It occurs naturally in the form of lizardite which is observed in pseudohexagonal, or compact aggregate flakes, of chrysotile often in fibrous aggregates and of antigorite in rectangular scales and in compact masses. Often the coil is present in very small particles and it is not possible to distinguish the varieties except by means of X-ray or electronic microprobe investigations.​


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